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Please read all instructions before proceeding. This is a three-step registration process. 

You may contact 508-657-1087 during normal business hours for any assistance. 

Step One: Your Information

Please fill out all form fields. Incomplete or inaccurate registrations will not be processed. 

Please note,  you will need to provide a signature to authorize the Department of Early Education and Care's (EEC) Background Record Check (BRC) -in Step Two.

Full Legal Name *

Date of Birth *

Identification Number *

Full Residential Address - Current*

Level of Education *

Email Address*

Have you been registered previously through EEC's Professional Qualifications Registry (PQ Registry)*

If Yes, please provide your assigned PQ#:

Step Two: Consent for Background Record Check (BRC)

The Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) requires candidates to undergo a background record check (BRC). This form must be completed and emailed back to GATES2EDUCATION@GMAIL.COM. For additional assistance in completing this form, please call 508-657-1087 during normal business hours. 

Step Three: Payment 

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