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Preschool Program 

Ages 2.5 through Kindergarten

No longer "just" a daycare.

A quality early childhood education provides children with cognitive, behavioral and social skills different from what can be taught at home. Early Elementary Teachers find it easier to teach a child who possesses a strong preschool education background in language skills, listening comprehension, attention management skills, and a positive attitude toward learning.

Is Preschool Important For My Child?

Social and Emotional Development

In preschool, children will learn to strengthen their social and emotional development. Children learn how to compromise, be respectful and problem solve. Preschool provides an environment for children to explore, gain a sense of self, play with peers and build self-confidence. Children learn they can accomplish tasks and make decisions without the help of adults.

School Readiness

Behavior management is a major part of preschool learning. In preschool, children learn how to be students. Children learn patience, how to raise their hands and take turns. Children also learn about routine, following directions and waiting. 

In addition, pre-math and pre-literacy skills are introduced. 

 In G.A.T.E.S. 2 Education's Preschool Program, children will gain the confidence of themselves as capable and independent learners.

Language and Cognitive Skills

Children’s language skills are nurtured in a “language-rich” environment at G.A.T.E.S. In a classroom setting, licensed teachers help children strengthen their language skills by introducing new vocabulary during art, snack time, and other activities. Teachers engage students with thought-provoking questions to give children many opportunities to learn language through singing, talking about books and creative play.


In preschool, children learn they can actually do things for themselves. Children will learn to wash their hands, go to the bathroom and take off their shoes without an adult doing it for them. Children will be given classroom jobs and take pride in helping out in the classroom. Learning new skills helps builds confidence.

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