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Jayne Marie Farquhar 


Jayne Farquhar has always been deeply committed to the success of her community and it’s children. As a 1995 graduate of the Community College of Rhode Island, her interest in child development only strengthened as she completed her degree in Early Childhood Education. Jayne’s extensive background in developmental psychology, human relations and services, lead her to develop her own, unique and effective pedagogy with children and an even stronger aspiration to implement it.

As a current resident of Bellingham, Massachusetts, opening the doors to G.A.T.E.S. 2 Education in August 2010, was a dream come true, enabling her to demonstrate her daily life commitment to children and the services provided to their families, all while establishing and building strong connections throughout our small community. Jayne’s passion for her craft resonates throughout her center, always striving to demonstrate the differences that effective childcare and all its components can have on our children and their families. 

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